Barbara Grzybek introduces herself:

  born in Bielsko Ė Biała, began to play piano in the primary school. At the High School for music she continued the piano playing. After her secondary school-leaving examination, she began to study in the piano class of  Professor Szlachta on the college of music in Katowice. Additionally she studied also with Professor Markowska harpsichord. In 1974 she finished the college of music and received the diploma as a music artist of piano playing. In the meantime she terminated a professional training as an academy teacher. Directly after it she got her own piano class in the Silesian University in Katowice, where she was engaged for 15 years as a lecturer. Barbara Grzybek did not only teach piano playing, she also had several concerts as a solist with an orchestra, chamber music or accompanied other solists. 

Since July 1988 she lives in Hannover and presents her art with pleasure. She had also a lot of concerts in other countries. She accompanies also writers on their readings in the time of her literary evenings. Because itís her hobby and for fun she plays from time to time popular music and composes herself. 

Up to now she Made two CDís which were already presented on the radio.

As indepedent lecturer she also gives piano lessons.