From program

Barbara Grzybek and Bielsko Chamber Orchester

Cut out from Bach's concert (Mp3 download)


Chopin's piano recital: Nocturnes, Walzer, Polonaisen, Mazurken, Balladen, Scherzi 

Songs, letters and piano compositions from F. Chopin: with piano, singing and reading

J. S. Bach - concert d-Moll BWV 1052 -for piano or harpsichord and orchestra

J. S. Bach - concert f-Moll BWV 1056 - for piano or Cembalo and orchestra 

Notenbüchlein der Familie Bach - for piano or Cembalo and singing

Eine Reise durch die Epochen - piano recital with compositions from: 

L. v. Beethoven, F. Chopin, J. Brahms, I. Albeniz, C. Debussy, S. Rachmaninow, K. Szymanowski, G. Gershwin 

Liebestraum von F. Liszt - famous, classical piano compositions from: 

W. A. Mozart, F. Liszt, E. Grieg, C. Debussy, F. Chopin 

Evergreen and dream melody - beautiful light program with many acquainted compositions

from classical to contemporary composers